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Redditors chimed in on 1 Second Everyday

Three months ago my 1 Second Everyday - Age 30 video found itself on the Front Page of the Internet, Reddit.

When my friend John Cook first alerted me that it was there, I started reading & answering some of the early comments.  But once it hit the front page and the comments started arriving in the hundreds, I ran for the hills.  

As a long time Redditor who checks in daily to see the newest best stuff on the internet, I know that Redditors are brutally honest.  And being the sensitive schmuck that I am, I decided to stop reading them before I read something negative.  My Reddit Inbox also filled up rather quickly, so I decided to ignore those too.

This week I finally took some time to stop ignoring that glowing red Reddit Inbox and prepared myself for the worst.  

I was honestly shocked by the messages I received!  

Thought I'd share 3 of them here :)