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Former MARVEL intern reflection on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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You've been warned.

Back when I was interning at Marvel, the idea of a unified cinematic universe was practically inconceivable. Not only had Marvel sold off the film rights to its most popular properties to escape bankruptcy (Such as Spider-Man to Sony & X-Men to Fox), but what they were left with were characters with little name recognition from general audiences that movie studios had non-existing interest or faith in. 

Gradual change is difficult for us to perceive, but wow.. in just 6 years... since Jon Favreau turned Iron Man (2008) into a house hold name... the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the most profitable domestic film franchise in movie history... more than 8 Harry potters, 6 Star Wars, & 24 Bonds (not adjusted for inflation of course).

It's painful to consider what Marvel could do if they ever got the rights to Spider-man and X-Men back. Ugh. For those of you not aware, Sony & Fox can keep their film rights so long as they keep making films... which is why you saw a Spider-Man reboot sooooo quickly after that disastrous S-M3, and why Amazing S-M 3 & 4 already have release dates as well through 2018.

In fact, Sony and Fox are so jealous of what Marvel has built with "no-name" characters, that they're both attempting to create cinematic universes with X-Men & S-M. "Sinister Six", "Venom", & "X-Force" are coming soon to a theater near you.

All this to say that this month Marvel has given me one of the most extraordinary media experiences of my life. The idea that Marvel's Agents of Shield... an hour long weekly TV show, would also connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe... ambitious to say the least... and man was that first episode terrible... almost unwatchable... but I'm a Marvel Fanboy... so I stuck it out... 

And it got a little better... and then it got almost watchable... and I just kept watching... and then somewhere around the middle of the season... it got... good... and then I could barely believe my eyes as it got great... and then the episode before Captain America 2 came out clearly seemed to connect to what the movie had coming...

Captain America 2 was fantastic... 90% positive reviews amongst all critics... HUGE for a Comic Book flick... 

My entire life... When I watched an awesome movie... a movie that just left me hungry for more... I just had to suck it up.... Wait years for a sequel.... And right now you can't remove the grin on my face... 

Because just 3 days after I watched a movie I loved... I got a whole new hour that continued that story!... And actually paid off on things I thought were terrible in the early days of the show... then the following week it continued the story even further!!! And last night further still!!!! For the first time in my nerd life... i didn't have to wait years for the plot to continue... I only had to wait a few days!!! 

Few stuck with the show past those early bad episodes though... so sadly it'll probably get canceled... there's a couple of episodes left so I'm just going to savor them. And I'll continue to remind myself how improbable this all has been and be grateful that if I could go back in time and tell comic book geek child me what he can expect in the future... his brains would explode.

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