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This Keynote should be mandatory viewing for every art student.

Photo Credit: Lauren Manning on Flickr 

I attended SXSW for the first time this year.  Lots of friends said that buying a badge wasn't necessary, so I didn't.  I saved A LOT of money, and only really missed a couple of notable events that required one.

I was dissappointed that I couldn't attend the Keynote by ultra multi über talented Tina Roth Eisenberg AKA SWISS MISS, but I was counting on being able to watch it later online.  During her Keynote, my twitter feed exploded, and after her Keynote, everyone I spoke with couldn't stop raving about it.  

A few days later when I returned home to NYC, I finally saw it.  I was floored.

As an art school graduate, and someone whose educated artists at 4 different schools, this 1 hour keynote is exactly what any artist of any discipline needs to hear.  It's the perfect inspiration for a student on their first day of college.  And exactly what a graduate needs to hear as they take on the real world.

I couldn't agree more with Tina's 11 Rules to live by (listed above).  Which she explains in wonderful detail.  

I'm particularly fond of #3: "Don't Complain. Do something about it, or let it go."

Here's Tina introducing the video on her site... ENJOY!:

Here’s my SXSW talk in which I speak on my path of becoming a designer in Switzerland, making the transition moving to New York and establishing my various businesses. I speak on my 11 rules and values I live by, both in my professional and personal life. In fact, I speak on the fact that I barely distinguish between the two and that my kids have been my biggest career catalysts. Enjoy! (I come on at 4:35)

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