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Have an Idea Worth Spreading? Here's your shot!

over 2 years ago, weeks after quitting my advertising job in pursuit of a more meaningful life... TED posted on Facebook that they were going to hold their first ever auditions. I immediately thought "if only I had an idea worth spreading!"... it wasn't until a week later while I was recording my second of the day, that I thought... "hmm... what about this?"... followed by... "well if I don't try, I'll regret it for the rest of my life... so I must".

Friends... is there something on your mind that you wish you could communicate to the world? A 1 minute video could change your life... but more importantly it could change countless more.

Want to speak at TED2014? Apply to speak at TED@NYC this fall


A week from today I'm giving a TED TALK at TED2012!

This is literally a Dream Come True.

click on image for the full program guide!