Have an Idea Worth Spreading? Here's your shot!

over 2 years ago, weeks after quitting my advertising job in pursuit of a more meaningful life... TED posted on Facebook that they were going to hold their first ever auditions. I immediately thought "if only I had an idea worth spreading!"... it wasn't until a week later while I was recording my second of the day, that I thought... "hmm... what about this?"... followed by... "well if I don't try, I'll regret it for the rest of my life... so I must".

Friends... is there something on your mind that you wish you could communicate to the world? A 1 minute video could change your life... but more importantly it could change countless more.

Want to speak at TED2014? Apply to speak at TED@NYC this fall


Redditors chimed in on 1 Second Everyday

Three months ago my 1 Second Everyday - Age 30 video found itself on the Front Page of the Internet, Reddit.

When my friend John Cook first alerted me that it was there, I started reading & answering some of the early comments.  But once it hit the front page and the comments started arriving in the hundreds, I ran for the hills.  

As a long time Redditor who checks in daily to see the newest best stuff on the internet, I know that Redditors are brutally honest.  And being the sensitive schmuck that I am, I decided to stop reading them before I read something negative.  My Reddit Inbox also filled up rather quickly, so I decided to ignore those too.

This week I finally took some time to stop ignoring that glowing red Reddit Inbox and prepared myself for the worst.  

I was honestly shocked by the messages I received!  

Thought I'd share 3 of them here :)


Finished! The official logo of 1 Second Everyday!

After meticulous weeks of conceptualizing, tinkering, discussion, & evolution… We've arrived at the official Logo of 1 Second Everyday :) 

Thank you Brandon Forant for your truly diligent work!



One of my absolute personal favorite experiences from Burning Man 2012

there are literally thousands of incredible experiences happening at any given second at Burning Man… it's impossible to convey… everyone's experience ends up being totally different… I wanted to share one of my absolute personal favorites… biking way outside Black Rock City for several miles & stumbling on a movie theater at the farthest depth of the deep Playa… 

I assumed it just "looked" like a movie theater… but when I tried to open the door, it did open… and I was immediately greeted by a bellhop that asked "can I interest you in some concessions for the movie?"… I said "ummm… wow… sure… ah… Snickers?"… he handed me a KING SIZE snickers bar and said "Enjoy the show!"… I crawled under a tiny set of black theater drapes… and inside was a movie screen that rivaled those of indie movie screens in NYC… better in fact… I caught the 4am showing of The Wizard of OZ… when the movie ended, we walked out and the sun had just started rising in the distance… it felt like real life magic…

(I just found their kickstarted campaign which includes better photos: )



Redefining the term "Passion Project", Jesse Newman.

Redefining the term "Passion Project", my former colleague Jesse Newman has spent the past 6 years creating a digital painting out of love for his kids...  w/ a final resolution of 30,000 x 10,000, a 300 million pixel canvas, 145 times more res than HD... the highest resolution image ever created... and now displayed in the conference room at Adobe Photoshop headquarters.  The only way to begin to appreciate his incredible creation is here:

REBIRTH of GAEA - A Brief Overview from Jesse Michael Newman on Vimeo.